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Jul 6, 2011

Worms in the Brain Women Nested It

JIANGSU - Removing a worm of the human brain usually only happens in movies, but this time in China is really going on.

A 23 cm long parasitic worms found in the brain of a woman from Jiangsu Province, China. Worms and even then successfully removed by team doctors.

Female patients previously diagnosed with epilepsy in December 2010. But after undergoing a series of blood tests a doctor realizes that the woman is infected with pathogenic bacteria and results of CT scans also showed a strange spot in his brain.

When running the operation, doctors found a granuloma, a specific inflammation, in the brain are thought to be the cause of epilepsy.

The doctor who performed the surgery said that based on appearance, the worm is the tapeworm.

Experts say that the possibility of a worm in his brain is due to food that had been infected with the worm eggs, but the source of the worm is still unknown.

As reported by China Daily on Wednesday (06/07/2011), the public has asked to be careful of food hygiene and make sure food is thoroughly cooked.