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Jul 31, 2011

IMF boss urges U.S. debts Solve Crisis

Washington DC: United States is required to immediately solve the problem of debt crisis in a timely manner to avoid the negative global impact. As stated by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

"I'm concerned," the IMF chief said that when asked about the U.S. debt negotiations and deadlock in an interview with CNN. United States is the most biggest economy in the world, and the issue of time limits that U.S. debt has a profound effect globally.

With the distance of time until August 2 tomorrow, U.S. policy makers are struggling to find a compromise plan on how to improve the nation's debt ceiling and spending cuts that country.

The U.S. federal government loan limits, currently at U.S. $ 14.29 billion, approved on 16 May. The U.S. Treasury Department also said his country would begin to default on its debt unless Congress agreed to cancel the restriction on 2 August

Find a girl, the FBI Promises Great Gifts

Boston: U.S. federal investigators, the FBI, offered a reward of 25 thousand dollars for those who can provide precise information regarding the whereabouts of a little girl who becomes the target search. Celina Cass, 11-year-old girl went missing in mysterious, since 25 July.

As reported by Reuters on Saturday (30 / 7), the disappearance of Cass panicked residents living in the residence, Stewartstown, New Hampshire, USA. The reason, police said there were no signs of escaping or being kidnapped Cass. For this reason, the local police contacted the FBI to assist the search process Celina Cass.

Now, not only a vigorous team of FBI conduct a search of information about the existence of Cass. A team formed by residents in the neighborhood led Cass parents also find the whereabouts of the girl.

Economist Pakistan: U.S. Will Gara-Gara Bankruptcy Debt

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's senior economist, Moeen Zafar Nasir assess the economic situation in the United States is currently experiencing a decrease derastis. He worried about the U.S. debt crisis will bring the country the nickname of the super power it to the brink of bankruptcy.

Zafar who is also head of the Institute for Economic Research and Development Pakistan says U.S. to go bankrupt if it would have broad impact. This is because the U.S. dollar is used as an international currency.

Conditions in the U.S. today is precarious. The government of President Barack Obama is trying to raise the budget ceiling of their debt is fixed at the position of 14.3 billion U.S. dollars since last May.

But Republicans rejected this plan. If no progress until Aug. 2, the possibility of U.S. debt will mature and if unable to pay the mortgage and the principal, the U.S. economy will be judged as failing to pay off alias 'default'.

"Impasse debt budget negotiations between Republican and Democrats could bring the U.S. into the abyss of bankruptcy," said Zafar. He said economic issues are very important for the survival of the U.S. economy.

Jul 29, 2011

Will China So Libya Both?

BEIJING - The emergence of large-scale demonstrations in Egypt and Libya and other Arab countries, raises a question: Will China's massive demonstrations as occurred in the Middle East region.
China is not like Egypt, the people of China today looks much happier than in previous years. They also paid little attention to what's happening in the Arab world.
China also does not have such a leader Moammar Gaddafi or former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt for more than 10 years despite the Communist country has only one party.
However, the Chinese Government seems to pay sufficient attention to what is happening in the Middle East. Chinese President Hu Jintao earlier called for strict supervision of Internet use. Similarly, as reported by Forbes on Saturday (30/07/2011).
Earlier, the activists in China had asked the public to take action on the street. Activists call this measure Jasmine Jasmine Revolution or Revolution.
Some activists also take action by calling the online government services with demanding availability of adequate food, shelter habitable.
Also reported the activists got the idea of ​​revolution by revolution on the Tunisian President Ben Ali to depose.
When the Chinese government still thinks that the strict control of society will create stability, it is questionable.
Demonstrations in the Middle East generally clear evidence that the government put pressure on the protesters and the people protesting it. The protesters instead of anti-government protests in his country and even chaos arise and make the condition of the country's increasingly vacillating and difficult to return to normal.
Instead of tightening controls, the Chinese Government should address the problems that occurred in his country as fighting corruption and inflation.
Government of China a few weeks ago already executing officials involved in corruption cases. This is a great achievement, and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao also vowed to severely punish the perpetrators of corruption that allegedly responsible for the incidence of train accident in China.
Corruption and other scandals erupted in the China railway network. Three railway officials have been fired because of china also occurred deadly accident that killed 39 victims.
However regrettable is China imprisoned a journalist because after writing articles exposing corruption scandals Chinese officials.
A writer Helen Wang's hope China will not become a second Libya. China's stable is the desire of the Chinese people and also the whole society in this world. Many Western countries are betting on the Chinese market to boost their incomes.
Perhaps this is a good time for China not to tighten control over society. Each country will not prosper if its people are not given complete freedom.

Foxconn Replace Workers With One Million Robots In Three Years

Shenzhen - Taiwan tech giant, Foxconn, will replace some of its workforce by one million robots in regular three years to cut labor and improve efficiency, said Terry Gou, founder and leader of the company. Friday late night (29 / 7).

All robots will be used to perform simple routine work such as spraying, welding and assembly is now done by humans.

The company currently has 10,000 robots and that amount will be added so the next 300,000 years and one million within three years, Gou said, as reported by Xinhua.

Foxconn, the largest component of the computer-maker in the world to assemble products for Apple, Sony and Nokia, the spotlight after a series of suicide by employees at its giant plant in China. Some people blamed the heavy working conditions as a cause of action was reckless.

The company currently employs 1.2 million people, and as many as one million of them are in China Mainland.

Jul 27, 2011

America: Isolating Israel in the UN and establish the Palestinian State will not Happen

United Nations - U.S. Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Rosemary DiCarlo which has clearly sided with the Zionist regime of Israel announced, America will not support the policies of Palestinian officials at the UN.

Rosemary DiCarlo Palestinian officials to assess efforts to establish an independent Palestine is only one-sided effort. Related to this DiCarlo said, "Americans do not support the efforts of Palestinian officials that resulted in the isolation of Israel."

DiCarlo in a UN meeting to discuss the condition of the Zionist regime of Israel and the Palestinians say, "symbolic action to isolate Israel in the UN in September, coming by way of forming an independent Palestinian state impossible."

Vice-establishment of the Authority in the United Nations forecasts, Riyad Mansyur reacted DiCarlo statement by saying, "We have recorded more than 120 countries which recognized the independence of Palestine. And no unilateral action on either of the UN security council and general assembly."

Mansyur added, "But even otherwise, this policy is a multidimensional policy which includes the recognition of the independence of Palestine with its capital Quds under the limit before 1967."

Permanent Representative of the Zionist regime of Israel in the UN, Ron Prosor in cooperation with the American ambassador to the UN said, "Now the time has come for the international community understand that there is no shortcut for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state."

Faces Severe Injuries When Love, the Government Prosecute Women civil servants

An Australian woman suing the government because it was seriously injured while making love. Similarly, reported The Age, Wednesday (07/27/2011).

Women from Australia whose identity is kept secret to say that he was entitled to damages for having sex in a hotel while he was on a working visit.

This woman is seriously injured in the nose, mouth, and teeth and reported experiencing mental disorders when she saw broken glass falling on the bed and hit her face during intercourse. Women who worked as a civil servant living in a hotel for a meeting and in a lawsuit filed in federal court, he said the incident occurred when he was running the job duties of government.

His lawyer named Leo Grey told Judge John Nichols that this woman was injured in an incident that occurred in a hotel room and he did not need to ask permission if he brought someone into her room and then have intercourse.

"This is not in the 1920's," the lawyer pretexts. ComCare, companies working for the government related to safety, said that having sex with someone has nothing to do with work.

Comcare's lawyer, Andrew Berger said, people working in government need to eat, sleep, and personal hygiene issues but not necessarily having sex.

Jul 26, 2011

U.S. ambassador: No Fixed Base in Afghanistan after 2014

Kabul - The new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, said that the United States will not maintain permanent bases in Central Asian countries after the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2014.

Speaking at a ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Crocker said the U.S. would continue to assist the Afghan government after the withdrawal, but stressed that the United States in the future are not interested in using the services of Afghanistan as a base to affect neighboring countries. `

"After the year 2014 - even when Afghanistan has been mandated to lead full security, I believe that we and other international community will be in a position to work with Afghanistan to prevent the forcible return of Taliban rule," Crocker said.

According to the plan of President Barack Obama, Washington would pull back 10,000 troops the U.S. from Afghanistan in late 2011, while another 23 000 troops in September 2012, and completed a total withdrawal by the end of 2014.

Crocker said the U.S. would not repeat the mistakes! sudden withdrawal of support for the Afghan government as it did in 1989 after the Soviets withdrew from the country.

Lack of U.S. help at that time allowed the Taliban movement began to gain strength and lead to civil war lasted protracted.

Jul 25, 2011

Well ... Prince Charles called Salesman 'Smooth'

LONDON - Prince Charles was labeled as a salesman 'slick' by the UK's first professor of complementary medicine for support for alternative therapies.

Prof. Ernst, who founded the Exeter University Centre for Complementary Medicine in 1993, left his post last month after claiming that a senior aide Prince has led to withdrawal of support from managers of universities and research funds drying.

He has conducted a series of scientific investigations of complementary medicine such as homeopathy and herbal medicine over the last few months.

Yesterday Prof Ernst told a conference in London that he found evidence that about 20 useful therapy for various conditions, ranging from co-enzyme Q10 supplements for high blood pressure to St John's wort herbal pills for the cravings depression.

But he showed a lack of evidence for alternative therapies such as chiropractic, detoxification, herbal slimming, cancer medicine, and homeopathy - which has long been championed by Prince Charles and members of the royal family.

He even said the treatment is being aggressively promoted by the 'slick salesman' most dangerous to society.

When asked? whether Prince Charles is also heavily promoting complementary medicine as a crafty salesman, Prof. Ernst replied: "Yes."

Sri Lankan police hunt porn star

Colombo: Sri Lanka Police announced it would seek more than 20 local television actress who is believed to be part of a prostitution ring. Xinhua reported on Tuesday (26 / 7).

Over recent weeks, police have arrested four actresses involved in sex at various locations in Colombo and the areas most frequented by tourists.

According to Sri Lankan police, the arrest of popular local actress, both young and old is believed to be behind the huge undercover prostitution ring. Police also requested help from the public find the presence of 20 actresses who had been hiding.

In addition to its local prostitutes, Sri Lanka is also known to have many foreign sex workers who work in the clubs to serve the tourists. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States, recently, women and children of Sri Lanka's experience of sex trafficking in the region are less capable. This conflict occurs in the northwest of the country, especially the areas of Anuradhapura, northern Sri Lanka.

In 2009, the National Child Protection Authority of Sri Lanka estimates that about 1,000 children become victims of commercial sexual exploitation in the country. However, some institutions have a real number, reaching 10,000 to 15,000 people.

Palestinian PM: Free the blockade of Gaza from Israeli occupation!

GAZA - Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh called on the parliaments of the world to work to liberate dzalim blockade on Gaza and stop the practices of the Israeli Zionist occupiers against the Palestinians.
This was said Haniyeh in a meeting with high-level delegation of the European Parliament on ministerial council office in Gaza on Sunday (24 / 7). Haniyeh convey the message to the European Parliament and the parliaments of the world the importance of working to free dzalim blockade imposed on Gaza Strip.
Haniyeh hoped the visit the parliament of the world, particularly the European parliament this time, can contribute to free the blockade of the Gaza Strip. He asserted that the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian people appreciate the efforts exerted for their solidarity and alleviate their suffering.
Haniyeh expressed welcome to the guests and delegates expressed their appreciation for the efforts deployed to arrive in the Gaza Strip. On the occasion Haniyeh described developments in the Palestinian issue.
He stated that the Zionist occupation crimes committed by Israel and the Palestinians are isolated, especially in the Gaza Strip, demanding work together to attempt to stop the practices of the Israeli Zionist occupiers against the Palestinians.
Meanwhile, the delegation thanked the prime minister and the Palestinian people for a good reception. They vowed to bring the message to the government and the Palestinian people throughout the world and called on the world's governments to reconsider his attitude towards the Palestinian government and interact with it.
Sunday (24 / 7), yesterday, a high level delegation of European parliamentarians arrived in the Gaza Strip in order to visit for several days, with the aim to see the impact of the Zionists during the five-year blockade against the Gaza Strip and continued to see the difficult conditions faced by people Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
The delegation consists of 17 members of parliament. They entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing gates, within the framework of solidarity visit to Gaza Strip residents. They consist of various political circles in Europe starting from the Liberals, Socialists and the party of "Green", which was led and chaired by Mr. Tony Lloyd, chairman of the British Labour Party.

250 jumpers Will Break the World Record in Makassar

MAKASSAR - Sebanyak 250 penerjun Dari Berbagai Negara dibelahan Dunia Rekor Dunia Siap memecahkan terjung payung di Pantai Losari Makassar ajungan Yang Akan diselenggaran 11-18 September 2011 mendatang.
Selain memecahkan Rekor Dunia Akan Kategori penerjun terbanyak Yang Akan mendarat di permukaan laut juga Atas Akan disemarakkan DENGAN Bakat-Bakat perlombaan lainnya Dalam, bidang Dirgantara.
"Kejuaraan Terjun payung bertaraf Internasional Yang Pertama kali diadakan ini ditingkat Dunia lantaran menghadirkan 250 penerjung Dari Berbagai negara-Negara di belahan Dunia," kata Sekretaris Umum Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia Daerah (Fasida) Sulsel Hendro Satriyo, Senin (25/7/2011) .
Hendro mengatakan, kejuaraan Terjun Payung Internasional DENGAN tema Air terjun payung Accarcy Campionship Landing dan Langsung Boogie 2011 ini diikuti Peserta Akan Dari Berbagai belahan Dunia, Baik Dari ASEAN seperti Australia, New Zaeland, Amerika di Asia seperti Cina murah murah Jepang bahkan beberapa Negara eropa di.
Rencananya kejuaraan bertarap Internasional ini dibuka oleh Menteri Pemuda Langsung murah Olahraga Indonesia, Andi Mallarangen.
Dia mengaku hingga hari ini Peserta Yang Sudah Terdaftar bahkan pasti mengikuti kejuaraan ini baru doa tim yakni Tentara Diraja Malaysia Dari Polisi diraja Malaysia murah Serta terjung payung klub lainnya bertaraf Internasional Yang.
Yang juga merupakan Hendro terjung payung Atlet Dalam, mengatakan kejuaran ini, memberikan Batasan Kepada Peserta Yang Ingin mengikuti perlombaan, salah Satu Yang mesti dipenuhi pensyaratan yaitu Peserta Harus memiliki Sertifikat DENGAN Jumlah minimal 200 kali terjung Harus Bisa murah lantaran berenang diatas permukaan laut pendaratannya.
Ia menjelaskan, kejuaraan ini dibagi Dalam, Akan doa Cabang lomba, yakni kejuaraan akurasi air pendaratan (ketepatan mendarat di udara) murah boogie melompat. Bahkan Dalam, Kegiatan ini Panitia juga menghadirkan Akan Terjun massal ditargetkan diikuti 100 Yang Orang Gabungan FASIDA murah TNI AU.
"Kegiatan ini sebagai rangkaikan mengunjungi Makassar 2011 Serta meningkatkan minat Masyarakat Sulsel khususnya bidang Dirgantara Dalam, Kegiatan," tambahnya.
Selain melibatkan penerjung Dari Berbagai Negara, Panitia juga merekrut Atlet Akan terjung payung Dari Indonesia sebanyak 50 Persen Dari Jumlah Peserta Yang mengikuti kejuaraan Terjun Payung.
"50 Persen Peserta Yang ikut sebagiannya Atlet Indonesia Akan diambil. Ini dilakukan UNTUK membuktikan sejauhmana Warga Indonesia terjung payung Olahraga meminati nya," uajrnya.
Selama berlangsungnya kejuaraan terjung payung ini Panitia Akan menurunkan pesawat Hercules Yang berkapasitas 100 Orang Helikopter Puma murah Yang Akan mengangkut para Peserta berdasrakan Koordinasi Panitia ANTARA DENGAN pihak AU.
Kepala Staf Angkatan Udara Lanud Hasanuddin Imam Sufaat Mabsekal mengaku mendukung sepenuhnya Atas Siap kejuaraan terjung payung Kegiatan berkala Internasional ITU.
"Kita Berencana Akan menurunkan Satu Helikopter Pesawat Herkules puma murah. Kami sangat mendukung intinya Kegiatan ini, "pungkasnya.
Selain ITU, Ia juga mengaku ikut andil Dalam, Akan kejuaraan tersebut. pihak TNI AU Akan memperagakan beberapa atraksi seperti marsinband Dari Angkatan Udara Taruna Akademika, peragaan paramotor, aero modeling, pameran Peralatan Dirgantara, murah pesawat ultra-Ringan sebagai hiburan BAGI Masyarakat Kota Makassar.

Norwegian Prime Leads Funeral 93 shooting and bombing victims Oslo

Perdana Menteri Norwegia Jens Stoltenberg mengadakan upacara pemakaman resmi BAGI 93 Orang Tewas Dalam, Serangan Yang lahir hari Jumat penembakan murah.

Stoltenberg mengatakan ratusan PADA Orang Yang berkumpul di Katedral Oslo hari Minggu bahwa Negara Telah ditimpa ITU Masalah. 93 Orang Tewas Dalam, Serangan bom maupun penembakan, murah BANYAK lagi masih belum ditemukan Yang, katanya.

Orang-Orang Norwegia Yang berduka meletakkan bunga murah lilin di Luar Katedral UNTUK memperingati Korban penembakan terjadi di pulau Yang Utoeya murah pengeboman Sebuah Gedung pemerintah di Oslo.

Stasiun Televisi Norwegia melaporkan seorang Korban penembakan Yang luka, Meninggal hari Minggu, sehingga Jumlah Korban Yang Sudah ditemukan di pulau Utoeya mencapai 86 Orang. Tujuh Orang Tewas Dalam, Serangan lainnya lahir Gedung Kantor Perdana Menteri pemerintah.

Anders Behring Breivik Yang berumur 32 Tahun Ditangkap setelah kejadian di pulau ITU murah mengaku bahwa ialah Yang kedua melakukan Serangan maut ITU. Ia menyatakan sikapnya anti-pemerintah Yang murah anti Islam Dalam, Jaringan Sosial di Internet.

Breivik bertekad melancarkan Serangan Kepada para pemimpin elit eropa Yang dianggapnya liberal murah mengkhianati warisan Kristen mereka DENGAN mendorong multi-kulturalisme. Ia juga Marah Atas apa Yang disebutnya proses pengIslaman eropa KARENA banyaknya migran Islam Yang Datang ke eropa.

Kata Pengacara Breivik, kliennya mengakui bahwa tindakannya sangat mengerikan ITU, AGLOCO Akan menjelaskannya dimuka pengadilan hari Senin, di mana AGLOCO Akan dituduh melakukan aksi teroris.

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