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Jul 22, 2011

HIV AIDS Drugs Cheap No More!

LONDON - Pharmaceutical companies no longer offer discounts on drugs for state income antiretrovial being a high enough number of people with her ​​HIV.

"Bad news that are at issue are pharmaceutical companies are now not able to provide special pricing for the drugs to the state antiretrovial-middle income countries such as Brazil, China, India, Thailand, and others," said Director of the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Nathan Ford , as quoted by the Guardian on Friday (07/22/2011).

ViiV Healthcare Pharmaceutical companies also said they will not reduce drug prices for middle-income countries despite health programs funded by the Global Fund to fight HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical company Merck who previously often give rebates to middle-income countries also trigger the same policy.

A member of the MSF Janice Lee stated, discounts previously given a long term solution. Governments in every country must understand the Rights Agreement with the Trade Related Intellectual Property (Trips).

However, Viiv Healthcare provide relief to low-income countries and countries in sub-Saharan Africa. They provide special pricing and free of royalties.

"This approach is intended, we sell a drug that is intended for the needy," said spokesman Viiv Rebbeca Hunt.