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Jun 30, 2011

There are dog Similar Panda in China

BEIJING - If you think this funny creature is a baby panda. You are wrong. Because the creature bermantelkan black and white fur is a poodle dog that had faces madeby the owner to resemble a panda.

Dogs that look did not seem so pleased with their physical appearance today is one of the contestants of a luxury dog contest in Beijing, China.

China craze that dog owners colored feathers to create a pet dog pet color trends to be like other animals.

The Chinese have always been quick to embrace trends that are unusual. Asreported by Dailymail on Friday (07/01/2011), a remarkable transformation is time-consuming work for eight hours to finish, and is very popular among pet groomingsalon in Beijing.

In addition was made to look like pandas, there are also dogs that had been transformed into anything resembling a tiger or a raccoon.

Growing trend for extreme doggy makeover has caused a surge in demand in thebeauty salon and the sellers dog dog until reaching an increase of 500 percent.

Panetta: CIA The Strong & Ready to Face Challenges

WASHINGTON - The former head of the United States Intelligence Agency (CIA)Leon Panetta said that the CIA is currently getting stronger and ready to acceptchallenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Panetta currently only officially served as Minister of Defense of the United States(U.S.), replacing the retiring Robert Gates. Under the leadership Panetta, the CIA has successfully launched several important missions, among others, is its success in killing Osama bin Laden on 2 May.

"I faced many challenges to our country, and we will make it more powerfulintelligence agency and is ready to accept the challenges of the future," Panetta saidas quoted by PTI, Friday (1/7/2011).

"We have a difficult task that is hunting down Al Qaeda and its allies, we havelaunched a counter-terrorism operation in the history of the most aggressive," he said.

The CIA is now led by General David Petraus who formerly had become commanderof operations in Iraq. U.S. officials also said General Petraus is a figure of thinkerswho are experts in the field of strategy.

"General Petraus well suited to lead the CIA, he spent all this time to fight terrorismand conduct counter-insurgency operations," said Senator Mark Begich.

U.S.: Iran, Syria Supporters of Terrorism

WASHINGTON - The special anti-terror adviser President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, John Brennan to see Iran and Syria as countries that supportterrorism and provide a major threat.

"Iran and Syria remains a state sponsor of terrorism," said John Brennan told MiddleEast Online, Thursday (06/30/2011).

According to him, Iran and Syria support Hezbollah group that had been consideredby the U.S. organization of the world terrorism. Brennan's opinion is not separated from the U.S. anti-terror strategy that realizes that there are some countries and groups that support terrorism with the aim of disrupting U.S. interests.

Apart from Iran and Syria and Hezbollah, Brennan also assessed as a terror organization Hamas. For him, Hamas with Hezbollah threatens U.S. interests in the Middle East.

"The U.S. government will strive to exert influence foreign policy, to prevent the regime(Hamas and Hezbollah and Iran, Syria) in their efforts to threaten the Americanhomeland security," said Brennan.

As Brennan supporting statement, according to British Foreign Secretary WilliamHague, Iran reportedly has tested a ballistic missile believed capable fitted withnuclear warheads. Earlier Iranian missiles even claim to be able to make close-to the U.S., Israel and Western European countries.

While Syria is still continued repressive actions against anti-government protesters. In the last operation, reportedly 11 Syrians were killed in operations in the territory of the Province of Jabal al-Zawiya.

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