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Oct 26, 2011

Obama: Death to the dictator Gaddafi Warning

Washington: The death of a former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is the happiness of its own for most citizens of Libya. For U.S. President Barack Obama, the death of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is a symbol of freedom for most citizens of Libya. But also a stern warning to the dictators in the world

Obama said that the fall of Gaddafi is a stern warning to all dictators in the world. That power and cruelty will not be immortal, death is clear evidence Khadafi.

"He did not directly Rewind. This is probably the first time anyone could see a leader who ended with a tragic death. But this becomes an important warning to all dictators, that they must respect human rights is also a universal aspiration," Obama said.

Gaddafi was killed after some body parts like head and legs by the bullets were fired upon the troops of the National Transitional Council (NTC). An autopsy led by Dr.Othman results show that the dictator killed by hit in the head and legs.

Gaddafi's body had been buried on Tuesday (25/10), in a desert place whose location kept secret from infotaimen. An official of the Libyan National Transition Council (NTC) which was questioned he would not reveal how the funeral procession of the former Libyan businessmen.

Oct 24, 2011

Cause of Death Marco Simoncelli

Sepang - Marco Simoncelli was killed by accident at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, Sunday (23/10/2011). Doctors from the medical team MotoGP, stating that the cause of death of Marco Simoncelli is the existence of a number of serious injuries on the head, neck and chest.

MotoGP medical team director, Michele Macchiagodena said that Team Honda Gresini rider was unconscious when members of the medical team to pick him up on the track racing MotoGP. They provide first aid in the form of CPR (artificial breathing) both in the ambulance and for 45 minutes at the medical center MotoGP. But the effort was never produced results.

"As a result of severe accidents with other drivers, he reportedly suffered a very serious wound in the head, neck and chest," said Macchiagodena quoted by Eurosport.

When he arrived at the medical center immediately given intubation (breathing tube fitting) and can remove blood from the chest cavity.

"Unfortunately they can not help him and at 16:56 we announced that Team Honda Gresini rider Marco Simoncelli was gone," said the doctor.

Race Director Paul Butler said the accident that killed Marco Simoncelli will be investigated. Barter convey deep condolences to the family Simoncelli. "We wanted to pay their respects to him," said Barter.

Oct 19, 2011

Oops ... After Pain, Organ Suddenly Changed so Intimate Woman Taiwan 'Parts' Men

TAIWAN - Daily Sin Chew Daily reported a very unusual phenomenon. A Taiwanese woman visited a gynecologist for treatment and ask how to handle the problem, after her intimate organs growing two testicles, which can not be found in a woman's genitals.

34-year-old woman who was not identified previously been in trouble with her ​​menstrual cycle. When checked, he did not have a uterus like a normal woman, but the growth of the two testicles.

He admitted during the past few days, she experienced pain that is extraordinary in her intimate parts of the organ. After the pain subsided very unusual, she found two lumps, like testicles.

Until now, the disease is still handled the local hospital. "It's a complicated puzzle," said the doctor in charge.

Oct 17, 2011

Dad Rape in Saudi Arabia two daughters

A Saudi Arabian woman who was going to the hospital with her mother suddenly stunned. Base, the pain is often experienced in recent years around the abdomen is a sign that she is currently pregnant positive.

Shocked after hearing his daughter was pregnant, the mother immediately asked his daughter who is the father of the fetus that had contained it. Mother told me that listening to his daughter who has been to impregnate others but not his own father. The mother was shocked after hearing that that was his biological father impregnates itself.

When he heard the story, the mother was almost unconscious. Therefore, the mother is ashamed of depraved acts committed by a husband against his own child. Besides the father also raped her second child who was only 28 know, two years younger than his brother who was also raped his biological father.

Doctors in hospitals are located in the western city of Makkah, who examined the girl tries to continue to convince the girl and her mother that there is nothing wrong with his son. The pain is often experienced at this time the girl was because she was pregnant.

"In the couple's second daughter told me, which surprised me, that she had been raped by her biological father in the living room during the last five months ... he also said that his sister was raped by her biological father," he told the Arab daily Sabq Sunday (16/10).

After that incident the mother immediately reported her husband's barbaric acts to the police. And soon the local police can hold 56-year-old man.

"After the probe by local police the father was known as drug addicts and the police are now investigating the case and wait for DNA tests before making accusations against him."

Cheating, Husband Wife Sex Wear Scissors Cut

A female bear to cut off her husband's genitals with scissors and throw it into the river after she learned that her husband cheated on and hurt her feelings. Thus was launched the police in Taiwan, Monday (10/17/2011).

Vietnamese women, aged 30 years and only known to have the name of the Pan family, the wife cut husband penis penis up to half of the husband at their home located in the southern city of Tainan after ingesting drugs and fell asleep.

The wife after committing heinous then discard half of the husband's penis into the river before he plunged into the river. "He was taken into custody," remarked a local police official.

This woman admitted the act to the police if he did not feel guilty for what was done to her husband who is 29 years older.

Police said, in recognition of the woman, the woman admitted often beaten even though he worked at a karaoke place to finance their needs. Since they married two years ago. The husband is Taiwanese nationals and do not have jobs, often persecuted and cheated on my back.

Oct 12, 2011

SNSD Confirm Re-Date Return

After a few days earlier had announced that the band from korea SNSD has delayed their return date of October 5, a date not yet known, and has recently been announced that the nine-member band that person will soon launch their third album "The Boys "on October 19.

According to the site allkpop, SNSD will soon reappear on the show "Music Bank" KBS on October 21, following the release of their third album.

Previously, the agency that houses them, SM Entertainment said that the main reason for the delay of their albums is because they want to try longer distances to market their third album "The Boys" to the Korean and international markets simultaneously.

Oct 7, 2011

FBI: Al-Qaeda Still the Big Threat to U.S.

Washington: The death of a United States-born religious leader Anwar Al-Awlaqi indeed have made a reduction in the strength of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). However, do one of the international terrorist network is still going to be "biggest threat" to the United States. As stated by the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller in Washington, Thursday (6 / 10).

In a press conference, Robert Mueller said, "Despite some of its leaders have been paralyzed, AQAP remains the greatest threat to the United States. We must remain alert to the network AQAP. AQAP has proven its ability to provide spectacular attacks to the U.S. territory, and killed a leader, though he was an important figure, not eliminate its ability to carry out revenge attacks. "

Matthew Olsen, Director of the National Counterterrorism Center also agrees with Mueller. Olsen also expressed concern about the warming of relations between the AQAP and Ash-Shabaab militants in Somalia, which claimed responsibility for the attacks of suicide bombings this week against the government compound in Mogadishu, Somalia that killed at least 70 people no less.

"We remain concerned by the group's desire to launch attacks on Western countries, as well as its propaganda effort designed to inspire a fanatic group of the West," said Olsen.

Oct 4, 2011

Look out! Cheating Can Cause Damage Mr P

It's a stern warning for those who frequent cheating and have intercourse with a girl other than your partner is legitimate.
A study published on 22 September in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, attest to the fact that very shocking for you and men. Not a question that is sure to hurt your partner will feel when you are having an affair, but the damage to Mr P, aka the penis that you can suffer.
"Sex outside marriage and sex that occurs in an abnormal condition can increase the risk of damage to your penis," says Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist from the University of Maryland Medical Center and one of the researchers.
"The risk of damage to your penis is the case especially because the situation is not conventional.
Men in this study are known to have suffered damage to their penis during sex with an unusual way as in the living room, den and mostly occur or be done by unmarried couples, aka an affair.
With a situation like this, sex will usually take place not used to that definite position changes. "All these factors allow the men do not care about the penis may appear when events are unpredictable and can result in damage to the penis," explains Kramer.
Fracture or damage to the penis is an unusual event that has occurred during an erection lasts.
Because the penis has no bones, damage usually occurs in the tearing of fibers or a layer called the tunica albuginea surrounding the penile tissue in the center of the Spong.
"Fracture" is usually followed by symptoms of bleeding, swelling may be up to the loss of erection.
Of the 16 cases of damage to the penis treated at the University of Maryland Hospital between 2004 to 2011, was the case of sex with this affair in the background of damage to the penis.
Most of the actors having sex in unusual places such as bathrooms, living room, cars and elevators.
Incidence of damage to the penis are uncommon. If anything, the patient will usually embarrassed to tell it. Therefore, Kramer reminded that sex as well as high-risk sports. "Be careful!" he said.

Ring sun surprise solo citizens

Solo - a natural phenomenon that mengintari ring circle the sun. Seen in solo and surrounding areas, Tuesday (04/10/2011)

A citizens from various circles to try to capture the natural phenomenon by using a digital camera or handphone.

"natural phenomenon like this has also been seen several years ago in the city solo, but that time I did not get to capture the phenomenon. But this time I will not miss the rare natural phenomenon of this.

Meanwhile, there are some people who see these natural phenomena by using a glass helmet to withstand the sun's rays to see clearly.

Dr. Taswanda Taryo Rerpisah MSc Eng (Nuclear Science and tachnology) Batan, to Espos, the UNS revealed, a natural phenomenon that is part of Gerhan sun, "he explained.

Oct 3, 2011

SNSD Album Launch Postponed

SNSD Girls band from Korea to delay the release of their album to be released album in America simultaneously.

According kpopfever sites, their agency, SM Entertainment stated, "It was decided that SNSD will launch the album" The Boys "was first in America to marketing in Korea and internationally run concurrently in order to whittle the more profit."

The launch date of this album could not be ascertained. Details of information announcement will follow once everything is settled. "

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