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Jul 20, 2011

Tip If the laptop JikaTerkena Water Spills

Tip If the laptop JikaTerkena Water Spills. Given the laptop has become almost everyone's needs, a portable computer is no longer only used among IT, but almost all circles, be it housewives, students and children under age.
This situation heightens the occurrence of accidents during operation of the laptop, even a professional who did not escape from the use at the time of the accident due to fatigue or concentration of the division into many things and end up making the user unaware of the things that are harmful to the laptop.
Based on the cases of many accidents that are often found on laptops that berakibatkan total dead or shorted due to laptop ketumpahan liquids such as water, coffee, tea, soup or other liquids.
We need to know that liquids can conduct electricity, so that when the laptop ketumpahan fluid, positive and negative relationships can unite a short lead so that it can damage the components around the short circuit occurs.
Usually the attack is the power components. Shorted or short can only occur when the components of electric energized (alive) so the possibility of short circuit or short when the laptop is off is very small.
Here's the first action should be done on a laptop ketumpahan fluid:

1. Remove the battery and the power jack when the laptop is on. Open the flip open the LCD to a maximum and then position the laptop face down / backwards. Allow several hours or longer is better. so that the liquid that had already entered flow out.

2. Remove the keyboard, the keyboard jemurlah place which is not too hot in the circumstances upside down. If liquid is spilled in the form of coffee (sticky), brush-Selah Selah keyboard by using water, but do not be pressured.
Then jemurlah like the above a few hours ago the blower with a fan one night. At the press-press pengipasan any keys to avoid the presence of steam left in the flexible causes sticky keyboard.

3. Blower laptop parts in a standing position menyamping.dengan fentilasi position the fan at the bottom to ensure the remnants of the liquid can exit from these fentilasi.
Note: if you spill too much all parts of the laptop should be opened and you are not sure dikeringkan.jika can do it yourself you should contact the nearest service center.

4. Replace all parts, without using the battery, connect the power from the adapter, do not immediately turned on, notice the symptoms that arise. Bring your sense of smell to the laptop, if you smell something burning smell, disconnect the power.
Bblower again like the above stages for some time waktu.semakin the better. Then repeat the step. If there is no indication or things that smell fishy, ​​disconnect the power then plug the battery.
See her reaction, if there is no indication of suspicious, connect power and note the Lead battery light indicator is on or not, if the lights turn on your laptop and still notice the smell or other indications for a while.

5. If there are still indications of suspicious (not usual), you should contact the nearest service center to prevent further damage.