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Jul 25, 2011

Palestinian PM: Free the blockade of Gaza from Israeli occupation!

GAZA - Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh called on the parliaments of the world to work to liberate dzalim blockade on Gaza and stop the practices of the Israeli Zionist occupiers against the Palestinians.
This was said Haniyeh in a meeting with high-level delegation of the European Parliament on ministerial council office in Gaza on Sunday (24 / 7). Haniyeh convey the message to the European Parliament and the parliaments of the world the importance of working to free dzalim blockade imposed on Gaza Strip.
Haniyeh hoped the visit the parliament of the world, particularly the European parliament this time, can contribute to free the blockade of the Gaza Strip. He asserted that the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian people appreciate the efforts exerted for their solidarity and alleviate their suffering.
Haniyeh expressed welcome to the guests and delegates expressed their appreciation for the efforts deployed to arrive in the Gaza Strip. On the occasion Haniyeh described developments in the Palestinian issue.
He stated that the Zionist occupation crimes committed by Israel and the Palestinians are isolated, especially in the Gaza Strip, demanding work together to attempt to stop the practices of the Israeli Zionist occupiers against the Palestinians.
Meanwhile, the delegation thanked the prime minister and the Palestinian people for a good reception. They vowed to bring the message to the government and the Palestinian people throughout the world and called on the world's governments to reconsider his attitude towards the Palestinian government and interact with it.
Sunday (24 / 7), yesterday, a high level delegation of European parliamentarians arrived in the Gaza Strip in order to visit for several days, with the aim to see the impact of the Zionists during the five-year blockade against the Gaza Strip and continued to see the difficult conditions faced by people Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
The delegation consists of 17 members of parliament. They entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing gates, within the framework of solidarity visit to Gaza Strip residents. They consist of various political circles in Europe starting from the Liberals, Socialists and the party of "Green", which was led and chaired by Mr. Tony Lloyd, chairman of the British Labour Party.

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