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Jul 21, 2011

'Work On' Children and Youth, Alqaidah Releases Animated Film

LONDON - Advocates Alqaidah middle of making animated films for children. Animated film aims to inspire children to participate in armed struggle with militant groups Alqaidah.
"The photos are severed from the animated film which is currently being made by supporters of this Alqaidah published on jihadist websites in Arabic, Al-Shamouk," reports Quilliam, a counter-extremism''institution''which is based in London, as reported by the BBC, Thursday (21 / 7).
The agency said it shows the animated film''heroic measures''including the''contact''weapons. However, an adviser to the U.S. government for counter-terrorism affairs jikaa expressed doubt such cartoons were actually made by supporters Alqaidah.
According to Quilliam, posting information about the animated film was written a man who called himself Abu al-Laith al-Yemen. The author said the cartoon Alqaidah posts in the Arabian Peninsula is a very interesting story that tells the facts about who is demeaning Islam and Prophet.
''This film aims to mobilize youth and children to follow in the footsteps of leaders of Islamic militants. The film covers the events and displays real-perisiwa actions of heroic mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula of the Prophet (Arabian Peninsula),''wrote Abu al-Laith.
"Such incidents include assault, armed clashes and killings,''he added.
Sender's post also includes four images that seem drawn from the film that he said at the last stage of manufacture and Internet sites ask visitors to provide feedback.
''Regardless of whether this film will actually come or not, this shows significant progress in Alqaidah attitude towards media and recruitment,''said Benotman, a former adherent of jihad ideology and now works as an analyst at Quilliam.
''They are trying new methods to make terrorism attractive to youth and even children. But the plan was''likely''to the detriment of Alqaidah, "added Benotman.
Will McCants, a researcher Saxon Islamic militants and counter-terrorism adviser to the U.S. government, told readers of his website, Jihadica, that he was''very skeptical''that the movie really exists.
''But if it's legitimate and more or less like a computer screen image shown below and promotion, it would be an indication that Alqaidah in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is becoming increasingly sophisticated in its efforts to reach out to youth. They now only require action figures (action figures),''McCants said.