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Jul 22, 2011

Referee Iran-Turkmenistan Lead Game Indonesia

Jakarta-Referee from Iran, Mohsen Torky, will lead the first game the second round of the 2014 World Cup qualifier between Turkmenistan and Indonesia host the Olympic Stadium in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan on Saturday at 18:30 local time (20:30 pm)

Official site of FIFA on Friday said. Other officials also came from Iran that I Hassan Kamranifar assistant referee and two assistant referees and referee reserves Mohammadreza Abolfadli Mombini Hedayat.
On the same day, 14 other games also take place in the Asian zone second round of this PPD.
The game was the Thailand-Palestine, Lebanon, Bangladesh, China, Laos, Philippines, Kuwait, Oman, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Iran, Maldives.
Besides the game-Tajikistan Syria, Qatar, Vietnam, Iraq, Yemen, Singapore, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the UAE-India-Nepal and Jordan.
While the national team with the strength of 18 players left from Wednesday night, and arrived in Ashgabat, on Thursday morning. The players just had a workout at the Stadium Nisa, Ashgabat, on Thursday afternoon.
The team that dealt head coach Wim Rijsbergen and assistant coach Rahmat Darmawan had a chance to do light exercises at the indoor soccer field with synthetic grass that are near the hotel where they were staying on Friday morning, said the PR National Team Indonesia Dessy C.
Meanwhile, a former member of the Executive Committee (Exco) PSSI Bernard Limbong Indonesia national team still hopes to target victory over Turkmenistan in terms of preparation although less than the maximum.
"There is no reason whatsoever, Indonesia must remain national team can win and qualify for the next round. We expect the national team could be struggling the most, especially when competing in Jakarta on 28 July," said Bernard Limbong here on Friday.
Bernard confirmed that under conditions of very limited precisely the spirit of nationalism of the players getting tested.
Meanwhile, assistant coach, Widodo C Putro said, the players in Indonesia to be wary of the game balls for the host.
"The players should be aware of balls over host Turkmenistan remember players who have a higher stature," said Widodo, who handles training several other national team players remain in the country.
The second leg second round of the PPD in 2014 will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 28 where as the host.