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Jul 20, 2011

Sidney Opera House Threatened Terrorists

SIDNEY - The news that terrorist groups would carry out attacks against the Sydney opera house. Australia remains wary of the security threat, despite the terror threat level is not changed by the government.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland ensure terror threat levels in Australia will not be changed, despite the existence of this threat. Previous threats to the Sidney city icon appears on the page which has links with Al Qaeda.

The building appears in the latest issue of "Inspire", an English-language online magazine. This page describes how to make bombs known and build a network of terror.

"This publication does not alter the level of the terrorist threat against Australia," McClelland's statement as quoted by AFP on Thursday (21/07/2011).

"It was clear that the publication is not accompanied by a specific threat in Australia and for Australians," he continued.

Picture of Sidney opera house clearly displayed in the channel page Inspire "Open Source Jihad". The canal is expected to expose the latest target of the terrorists.

McClelland has said the government had ordered the Australian Communications and Media Authority to shut down the network of those pages. However, McClelland conscious, very difficult to banish all access to the pages of terror.

"Through the global community, the reality of this material will appear on pages outside of the country," he said.