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Jul 22, 2011

Saudi Arabia Terrorism Act Criticized

Riyad: Amnesty International criticized the Organization of a secret anti-terror legislation being drawn up the government of Saudi Arabia. The law, Amnesty continued, if enacted would limit a lot of things including suppressing peaceful demonstrations. Some articles mentioned potentially violate human rights.

A number of the chapter includes a long period of detention of suspects without trial, restricting access to legal aid, and increase the threat of the death penalty. The suspected crime of terrorism after being detained prohibited contact with the outside world for 120 days, longer than the court order.

The government of Saudi Arabia confirmed that legislation designed to catch terrorists, not those who disagree with the government. So far, the Saudi Arabian government has not commented officially about Amnesty International's concerns are.

But a senior official in Saudi Arabia who do not want to be named confirmed the bill, but refused to comment on the content of the law. This law also expands the definition of crimes of terrorism to include activities that are considered harmful to the country's reputation and endanger national unity.

One activity that can be snared this law is to question the integrity of the rulers of Saudi Arabia. And, according to this new law, the culprit is punishable by imprisonment for at least 10 years.

Amnesty said a number of provisions in the legislation's contradictory legal obligations of the kingdom, including contradictory with the UN Convention against torture. Philip Luther of The Charity mengatakann this legislation is a serious threat perbendapat freedom in Saudi Arabia.

"If legislation is enacted then the government will be easy to accuse the slightest activity as an act of terrorism," said Luther as quoted by BBC Indonesia on Friday (22 / 7).