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Jul 24, 2011

U.S. accusations Iran and Israel Dalangi Murder 'Scientist'

TEHRAN - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday accused the United States and Israel of masterminding the murder of a scientist in Tehran, Mehr news agency said.

"The actions of the American-Zionist terrorists yesterday (Saturday) against a scientist of the country is one other sign of American hostility level.

"Americans should think carefully about the consequences of such actions," and medesak Iranian security forces provide a "strong responses to acts of such evil."

The perpetrators killer riding a motorbike shot dead Dariush Rezael, 35 years in the capital Tehran Saturday evening, said the Iranian media initially reported he was a "professor of physics and nuclear experts."

On Sunday, the reports do not refer to victims as a nuclear expert. Fars news agency said he was a master program mahasisawa electronic Khajeh Nassir University "in Tehran.

ISNA news agency said Rezael is an expert who worked on the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, while the Mehr news agency said the victim's degree of neutron physics and doing research for the atomic energy agency.

According to reports on Sunday, Rezael was shot five times by the attackers who are not in the know his identity, when he and his wife was waiting for his son in front of a kindergarten in Tehran. His wife was injured in the attack.

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