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Jul 20, 2011

Xavi: Criticism to Messi Too Overstated

BARCELONA - Xavi Hernandez is well aware of the quality of his teammate in Barcelona, Lionel Messi. Messi swift criticism following the failure of Argentina in the Copa America 2011, he considered the wrong target.

"Leo is the best player in the world and unfortunately the way Argentina was not good, and the criticism directed directly at him," said Xavi Goal quoted as saying on Wednesday (20/07/2011).
Sepakterjang Messi in the Copa America without a kernel of an end goal was born from the feet and head. Suffered the same fate as Argentina was eliminated in the quarterfinals of World Cup 2010.

Poor results in the first two games, because only a draw to face Bolivia (1-1), and Colombia (0-0) make Messi again cornered. Moreover Rosario-born striker was caught on camera does not sing the national anthem before the game. Messi returned to play half-heartedly considered for Argentina.

But finally he was hailed after the last qualifying group match, where Argentina's 3-0 win over Costa Rica. Unfortunately the positive attitude of fans and media do not last long, after the defeat at the hands of Uruguay in the quarterfinals, Messi again become a target.

Argentine public does have great hopes in this event to end the fasting
degree Argentina who last won the Copa America 1993 edition. With this failure of Argentina nevertheless add to the collection title of the biggest tournaments in Latin America to 15 degrees.

"Criticism is greatly exaggerated, because he played fantastic in the Copa America even though Argentina were eliminated," he continued.

Xavi also highlights the field conditions used in the tournament. He said the condition is not sufficient for large events such as Copa America 2011.

"Fundamental wearing a grass field in good condition. Above ground look so bad all the same, physically, talent, and technique. On a good field great players might be more shine, "he said.