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Jul 27, 2011

Faces Severe Injuries When Love, the Government Prosecute Women civil servants

An Australian woman suing the government because it was seriously injured while making love. Similarly, reported The Age, Wednesday (07/27/2011).

Women from Australia whose identity is kept secret to say that he was entitled to damages for having sex in a hotel while he was on a working visit.

This woman is seriously injured in the nose, mouth, and teeth and reported experiencing mental disorders when she saw broken glass falling on the bed and hit her face during intercourse. Women who worked as a civil servant living in a hotel for a meeting and in a lawsuit filed in federal court, he said the incident occurred when he was running the job duties of government.

His lawyer named Leo Grey told Judge John Nichols that this woman was injured in an incident that occurred in a hotel room and he did not need to ask permission if he brought someone into her room and then have intercourse.

"This is not in the 1920's," the lawyer pretexts. ComCare, companies working for the government related to safety, said that having sex with someone has nothing to do with work.

Comcare's lawyer, Andrew Berger said, people working in government need to eat, sleep, and personal hygiene issues but not necessarily having sex.