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Jul 21, 2011

Legong Kraton, Ancestor Change Performing Arts in Bali?

YOGYAKARTA - Legong Keraton as a genre of traditional Balinese dance and a rich culture with deep roots in the area must be preserved, said the expert art of dance Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta Ni Nyoman Sudewi.
"All the relevant elements of society need to work hard together to keep Legong Keraton order to avoid extinction or eroded by modernization are not aligned with the values ​​of the Balinese tradition," he said in Yogyakarta on Thursday.
In the exam to earn a doctorate at the Graduate School of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), he said, the existence of Legong Keraton as art tradition needs to be understood and taken into account by using the present outlook on life.
"Thus, the Legong Keraton can be a useful cultural wealth for its people," said the lecturer at the Department of Dance School of Performing Arts Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta.
He said that in addition will provide space for the growth of new art, it also means that future generations do not have to follow or take it for granted everything that its predecessors never achieved.
"The presence of Legong Keraton that the concept is different from the genres of dance aesthetics previous period is seen as the initial trigger changes in the aesthetic form of performance art (dance) Bali," he said.
According to him, legong tradition that has variety of shapes and qualities of motion that allows the formation of the flexibility of a dancer's body in a move that in the present study or perform the Legong Keraton seemed to be a must for female dancers in Bali.
"Some people view artists in Bali which assesses Legong Keraton as cultural products of the past can not be denied member has a significant contribution to the growth of dance in Bali," he said.
He said the Legong Kraton has the ability to survive as well as influence or inspire the presence of new works, not only inspired the birth of a new dance but also inspire painters and photographers in the birth of his works.
"Legong transmitted from generation to generation as a dance that is highly recommended to be known and mastered by them, especially girls ang dancers learn the dance of Bali, both through formal and non-formal education institutions," he said.
According to him, currently the existence of Legong Keraton still coexist with legong dance creations and other creations that "come-away". Forms of influence can be traced at Legong Keraton dance genre Kebyar or kekebyaran, ballet, dance and other creations.
"It is precisely the existence of Legong Keraton as a source of creation in Balinese dance that went beyond Gambuh been seen as a forerunner of Balinese dance," he said.
In the test, promovendus passed with honors and holds a doctorate entitled.

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