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Jul 20, 2011

Make an active sex Male Longevity

an active sex is the key to a longer life for the people here only if they are faithful to their partners. Thus according to a new study found.

Italian medical researchers have found that a healthy sex life means fewer cardiovascular problems for men.

"What is evident from this study is, that men who have an active sex life and faithful to their partners had fewer cardiovascular complaints and live longer," says Emmanuele Jannini, research coordinator for the Telegraph quoted by the Times of India, Wednesday (17/11/2010).

"Increased sexual activity produces more testosterone, which makes depression less and better cardiovascular performance. Which means making metabolism improved, "continued Jannini.

Jannini said that studies have shown that they are not faithful to have fewer cardiovascular performance since they also 'increased stress faced by their affair. "

Jannini explained, that the increased amount of testosterone produced during the sex took place for both men. Because the excess sugar in the body burned and reduces the risk of heart disease.

"People suffering from diabetes, especially the benefits of a healthy sex life and sex life active also helps avoid prostate problems for men," he concluded.

The Italian Society of Sexual Medicine is also participating in this study.