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Jul 25, 2011

Well ... Prince Charles called Salesman 'Smooth'

LONDON - Prince Charles was labeled as a salesman 'slick' by the UK's first professor of complementary medicine for support for alternative therapies.

Prof. Ernst, who founded the Exeter University Centre for Complementary Medicine in 1993, left his post last month after claiming that a senior aide Prince has led to withdrawal of support from managers of universities and research funds drying.

He has conducted a series of scientific investigations of complementary medicine such as homeopathy and herbal medicine over the last few months.

Yesterday Prof Ernst told a conference in London that he found evidence that about 20 useful therapy for various conditions, ranging from co-enzyme Q10 supplements for high blood pressure to St John's wort herbal pills for the cravings depression.

But he showed a lack of evidence for alternative therapies such as chiropractic, detoxification, herbal slimming, cancer medicine, and homeopathy - which has long been championed by Prince Charles and members of the royal family.

He even said the treatment is being aggressively promoted by the 'slick salesman' most dangerous to society.

When asked? whether Prince Charles is also heavily promoting complementary medicine as a crafty salesman, Prof. Ernst replied: "Yes."

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