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Jul 20, 2011

Israel- Palestinian Prisoners Prohibited Continuing Education

NAZARETH - The Israeli authorities through the prison management announced on Wednesday (20 / 7) prohibition of college education for a number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Management asserted that the committee in the country in the Israeli parliament set a ban on Palestinian prisoners enrolled to continue their academic education, but for those who had already learned was allowed to continue their education.

Explained that this decision will take effect in the near future, as a series of Israeli efforts to tighten Israeli prison situation for Palestinian prisoners. Also includes efforts to pressure the Israeli army of Palestinian charming, Ghilad Shalit, that they may continue the exchange of prisoners under the conditions set out Israel.

The decision is being studied to tighten domestic committee in the Knesset of Israel, including a ban on visiting for families of prisoners, prohibition buy the purposes of prisoners in the cafeteria, in addition to tightening procedures for remittances to the captives.

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