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Jul 22, 2011

Hillary Coming, Help Rp4, 2 M pouring Overcome Rabies

DENPASAR - The United States (U.S.) disbursed a grant of $ 500 thousand or approximately Rp 4, 2 billion (Rp 8, 528) to counter the spread of rabies virus teleh claimed many victims in Bali.
The aid is channeled through the UN Food and Agriculture Agency (FAO) delivered Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Sea Affairs, Environment, and International Scientific Affairs, Kerri-Ann Jones.
As is known, in 2008, the rabies virus attacks the Bali and claimed 130 lives. Victims are spread in several districts in Bali.
The attack of rabies on the island until well into the U.S. so that along with Clinton's visit assistance is disbursed to the Government of Bali Province. Delivery of which is centered directly in the village of tumble, Mengwi District, Badung District this afternoon.
"It's part of a comprehensive partnership that we developed to address health and environmental problems," said Ann Jones told reporters after handed over on Friday (22/07/2011).
On the occasion, Chief of Animal Husbandry Department Bali Putu Sumantra said the arrival of U.S. Kemenlu group to look closely the implementation of mass vaccination of rabies in suppressing the spread of the deadly disease in masayarkat ..
Later the aid will be used for vaccination in dogs, increased laboratory capacity, and train staff to do surveillance on cases of rabies. County government officials are expected to suppress the re-emergence and spread of rabies virus.
"Through the program we have lalukan have successfully suppress the spread of rabies from 266 affected villages to 44 villages now. We are targeting Bali free of rabies," he stated.
Especially with the support of the U.S. Government, he added, also got support Bali worth 9 billion state budget. "All of this help we will use a mass vaccination in 360 thousand dogs," he said.
When accompanying U.S. official, the Director of Disease Control Ministry of Health Animal Sourced Kusriastuti Rita said, the Balinese people today could be more cooperative in efforts to prevent transmission of rabies virus.
"Previously vaccinated dogs, so they are reluctant to rely on a human vaccine after being bitten. As a result the Ministry of Health have issued thousands of vaccines for humans, "he said.

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