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Jul 20, 2011

Kalapas Have Sex Ration of Prisoners

LONDON - Just because a position, Head of Correctional Institution (prison) for women near Sutton, Surrey, England, Russell Thorne (41), just casually ask the sex ration of prisoners.

To smooth the action was immoral, Thorne lure a number of female prisoners with the license for the release.

One prisoner told to admit women climbed onto the table before Thorne perform oral sex on him. He claimed Thorne forced to follow orders, for fear of a party held for his friends in prison will be canceled.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (07/19/2011), in a trial that took place at Guildford Crown Court was revealed, the man who married women are using the power of the weak. Thorne also take advantage of the prison library space, and place of manufacture of the cabinet as the execution site lust.

At trial, Russell Thorne comes with a number of items of evidence between the Argos catalog, Red Bull energy drinks, biscuits, and permit the release of female inmates in exchange for sex with him if willing.

Thorne finally sentenced for 5 years in prison.

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