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Jul 24, 2011

Huh ... Earrings Princess Diana Used Now Kate Middleton

LONDON - Kate Middleton who is now nicknamed The Duchess of Cambridge wearing the same earrings that never wear the late Princess Diana. First seen, she was wearing it while in the Royal Box at Wimbledon last month. Also, during a visit to Canada and the United States.

Deliberately made with the same model? Apparently not. Earrings that are owned by Princess Diana. Previously, Kate was wearing a ring of sapphire and diamond, also belongs to Diana.

Reportedly, William was the one who presented him for Kate. By his wife, the earrings were recycled into the model now.

First, Princess Diana often wore in various events. It accompanied her favorite earrings on formal occasions throughout 1980-1990.

The Daily Mail said, Kate is now to copy-paste style of Diana depleted. For example, on an official visit, she showed an interest in talking to people who greeted him. Also, doing impromptu Walkabout. Ck ... ck ... ck ..