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Jul 23, 2011

Nuclear experts Shot Dead

Tehran: Darius Rezaei, Iranian nuclear experts and members of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), was shot by unknown assailants in front of his home in Tehran, Iran, Saturday (23 / 7). Mehr news agency reported, ISNA, Fars, and ILNA, Sunday (24 / 7).

Rezaei studied nuclear engineering at Amir Kabir University, Iran. He obtained a degree in neutron physics and doing research for AEOI. In the attack, Rezaie wife injured and taken to hospital.

In recent years, the Iranian nuclear experts often become targets of attacks. The Iranian government has accused the United States and Israel were behind the actions. Pasalanya, as long as Iran is suspected of facilitating the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

On 29 November, Shahriari Majid was killed in Tehran when some motor shew a bomb in his car. Head of current nuclear Fereydoon Davani Abbas survived the assassination attempt on the same day.

Abbas Davani targeted Security Council sanctions the United Nations (UN) Resolution 1747 which was enacted in March 2007. He was identified as an Army logistics expert and the Ministry of Defence.

An Iranian expert on the other, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, died in a bomb explosion on January 12, 2010. Tehran says the people of the U.S. Intelligence Agency and Israel's action.

Following the event Iran was determined to improve security for nuclear experts. Earlier this year, the country's authorities announced they had arrested one man who was behind the assassination of Ali Mohammadi. They also said that networking is working for the Israeli spy agency Mossad has been broken.

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