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Jul 20, 2011

Phenomenon! Printed in the face of Jesus Memorandum Shopping

SOUTH CAROLINA - Picture of Jesus Christ printed on paper in a mini shopping bill in the state of South Carolina, United States. The paper notes it's just lying for days on the outside of the shop floor.

Paper with the face of Jesus Christ was first discovered by Jacob Gentry Lee Simmons and Sutherland, church leaders in South Carolina on Sunday (17 / 7).

Jacob and Sutherland accidentally saw the note paper as it passes in front of the mini. Both were shocked and immediately noticed the paper carefully. Both religious leaders were finally convinced that it is a picture of Jesus.

The owner of the mini-Walmart said, the face of Jesus may have inadvertently drawn because of the influence of heat. "Heat can change the paper," he said on Wednesday (07/20/2011) as reported by The Sun.

The phenomenon of the last image of Jesus also appears on the food some time ago. Among other things, bread and cheese chips, which implies a face-like image of Jesus Christ.

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