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Jul 20, 2011

Shhh .. Also Jupe Virgin Anymore?

Shhh .. Also Jupe Virgin Anymore?. Jupe expressed excitement choose to marry in Argentina. But surprisingly he claims is still a virgin. Wow how come? Joined Goddess Perssik.Julia Perez virgin anymore. That was expressed when it comes to the event Henry Yosodiningrat some time ago in Jakarta.

"Honestly I am very happy, I'm a virgin continues," said the woman who greeted Jupe familiar in this. "On my ID card virgin status until now," said Jupe laughing. Although there have been married and is still a widow, yet his status ktp virgin. "That's I'm still a virgin, did not," joked lover Gaston Castano.

Jupe was planning to marry in Argentina, the country of origin Gaston. Many things are not possible if the wedding took place in Indonesia. One is the different beliefs about marriage ban, and the most important blessing of mothers who have not been in receipt. "Doain ajah me, if the court case is finished, I flew straight, married, have children and live in prosperity," please Jupe.