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Jul 6, 2011

8 of these Women's Skull Lying in the House

SIDNEY - Police in Australia found a skull believed to have been for eight years in a house owned by residents in Sydney. The skull was found lying on the floor.

Gruesome discovery in Surry Hills is expected to be a skull of a woman who was abandoned by his family. She was last known to split from his brother during a fight broke out in 2003.

"While doing the inspection at the top of the house, we found the skull lying on the floor," police said as quoted by the Associated Press on Wednesday (07/06/2011).

"The skull has not been officially identified. But we believe that there is a skull, suspected to be women age 87 next month," continued the police.

Surry Hills police chief Zoran Dzevlan states such as women died several years ago without anyone realizing. "It warned residents to keep attention to anyone who lives in their neighborhood, especially the elderly," said Police Chief Dzevlan.

Local people are likely unaware of the existence of the woman to his home because electricity has been disconnected for years. The neighbors claimed that they did not see her a few years ago, they thought he had moved out.