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Jul 20, 2011

Balotelli No Problem Without Tevez

Los Angeles: Mario Balotelli teammate Carlos Tevez hopes to survive in the City of Manchester Stadium. But even if Tevez so moved, Balotelli optimistic Manchester City still have the quality to be the best.
Tevez transfer saga enters new abbak. Corinthians who want memboyongnya back to Brazil to withdraw from the negotiating table (Read: Clear Boyong Tevez Corinthians). Corinthians make future decisions Tevez in the clouds.
In recent months berualng times stated Tevez wants to leave City. He wanted to be closer to his family, especially with two children who remained in Argentina. However, after the Corinthians throwing a white towel, a desire Tevez seems to be difficult to materialize.
Balotelli does not want to bother. With or without Tevez, The Citizens still have to keep walking forward carrying a big ambition to become the best in the UK and Europe. It does not matter whether Carlos (Tevez) stay here or not, the young Italian striker said.
If Tevez survive, says Balotelli, it labih good for City. Meanwhile, if Tevez goes, Balotelli City boss Roberto Mancini believes will find a substitute striker is no less great. But the main I would play as normal. No matter who will play together in the City later, added the player is bleeding Ghana.
Balotelli flattering quality that belongs to Tevez. He said, Tevez is a great player, so expect his colleagues were not leaving. But, he says, normal if a player is moved to another club.
In football it's very common, he added. We have a good team. If a player wants to go then that is his wish, but we still a team that qualified.
In his first season since leaving Inter Milan Balotelli could contribute 10 goals. He believes in the coming season will increase the amount of his goal. He admitted that he wanted to prove the sharpness in front of City fans as the season rolled back.

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