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Jul 21, 2011

Busyet! "First Night Dice Mini Taste Strawberries,"

Busyet! "First Night Dice Mini Taste Strawberries," Newlyweds Dice Mini and Yunita Sari show intimacy on the set. Both are so open, and defy all the questions people will look fresh Mini pernikahannya.Daus location filming. This time there with him and serve all needs. Understandably newlyweds. Yunita woman whom he married some time ago, faithfully at his side. Both seemed to intimate. I was so happy Dice replied when asked how his first night.

"Tonight, his first taste of strawberries," Daus said that laughter loose Yunita. According to Daus now he seemed to be pampered. Even just a little sweaty, facial tissue Daus rubbed directly by Yunita. Likewise with Yunita, which is always fulfilled his wish by Daus, from kissing to ask for sweet tea dibikinin.

"It gimana gitu deh. Anyway, happy now. We are again mutually-manjaan spoiled. His name is also a newlywed. Anyway, now so often dimandiin, "Daus said with a glance toward Yunita Naka. Both the physical matter, to the various other questions. Answering the doubt, Daus shows that his relationship with his new wife whom he married three days ago should another marital relationship.

Even when asked how his first night, Yunita said, "just think strowberi," which welcomed laughter and Yunita Daus.