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Jul 22, 2011

Execution Dead Andrew DeYoung immortalized

Georgia: Typically, a process executions were carried out in undisclosed locations, and only witnessed a number of people who are interested. So, almost certainly will not be allowed to take photos, let alone record the process of capital punishment in the form of film.
However, a judge in the State of Georgia, United States, at the request of a person sentenced to death, allows the death penalty for Andrew DeYoung immortalized in film form. DeYoung (37), the convicted murder of his parents and sister were shot dead on Thursday (21 / 7) evening local time.
Lawyer Gregory Walker, other death row inmates, said the recordings showed that the death penalty drugs used for execution do not cause pain. Walker himself was sentenced to death in 2005 for killing pelayah hotels stealing money and drugs her.
DeYoung sentenced to death by injection using pentobarbital, a drug commonly used to kill animals. Several U.S. states are now using pentobarbital, because supplies of drugs commonly used lethal injection, sodium thiopental is thinning. Similarly told BBC Indonesia on Friday (22 / 7).
In the process of execution, DeYoung received three injections. Some time after the drug into the body DeYoung winked and choked for about two minutes. Next, DeYoung and then close the eyes and he did not move anymore. The doctor said DeYoung died at 20:04 local time, or at around 8:04 pm.
DeYoung sent to the death penalty after being found guilty of killing his parents and younger sister who is 13 years old by piercing them. Tragic events that occurred in 1993 because of disputes based on inheritance.
Sentenced to execution, DeYoung asked for pizza, grapes and strawberries and vanilla ice cream as the final dish. However, he declined the offer to do the final prayer. When the officer asked her last statement, DeYoung says, "I apologize to all I've ever hurt," he said last time.