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Jul 20, 2011

Beautiful Collaboration Jazz and Gamelan

Newcastle: Collaboration gamelan music with jazz really enjoyable. Menu that is presented Tim Garland, the saxophonist from the UK in the event the Gong Festival. Their appearance in Gateshead is able to amaze the people of Newcastle, England on Monday (19 / 7) evening.

"The thunder of applause echoed, after the song sung to the accompaniment of Clockwork spirit of collaboration between the gamelan, marumba, and saxophone in the theater of The Sage, Gateshead," said Secretary of Three Embassy in London, Billy Wibisono.

The song is a recent work (new commission) written saxophonist Tim Garland, Grammy Award-winning jazz musician, and devoted exclusively as a collaborative work between gamelan music with jazz music played by the ensemble Chopwell and percussion musicians Brendan Murphy.

Billy said that in addition to the ensemble Chopwell, there are other performers that is the ensemble of northern England. The music is kind of what they call the Mix Mixed Essences of Gamelan. At the end of the event Gong Festival: Celebrate Indonesia, which took place since July 2, it appeared Silver Gamelan group that blends traditional Javanese gamelan music with contemporary style puppet with a dish.

GONG Festival or Gathering of the Northern Gamelans is a festival of arts and culture of Indonesia that seeks to introduce Indonesia to the community in the north of England. The event was initiated by the ensemble and is fully supported Embassy in London.

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