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Jul 20, 2011

HP rp 5800: Able to Read Barcode with One Letter Only

JAKARTA - Indonesia launched a Hewlett Packard HP rp5800 Retail System. The latest product is supported by a barcode technology that is able to read the merchandise just by reading one or three letters in the packaging of goods.
Danny Lee, Country General Manager of HP Personal Systems Group Indonesia, said that the HP rp5800 provides a new experience for owners of retail stores from ease of access, durability, performance computer, the level of safety, environmentally friendly, and collateral warranty.
HP rp5800 Intel Core i second generation of Intel vPro technology and devices that meets industry standards such as Intel AMT (Intel vPro), WMI and DMTF, supports Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Windows POSReady 2009 and Microsoft Windows XP.
HP rp5800 not only serves sebaga calculating machine but also as a back office for the administration of retail stores. "So one device can serve for all or a cash register can support everything," says DSO Antonni Market Development Manager for Personal Systems Group.
With the ease of access and operation, the cashier no longer need to write codes of goods, only one or three letter name of the product, the computer can recognize it immediately.
Remarkably, a fellow HP rp5800 can be connected to each other via the Internet network so that the transactions at the retail store branches in the area can be monitored from the center. "Every trade transaction can be monitored among devices," said Antonni.
Security issues, HP provides high-level security features on the HP rp5800 from the hard disk data that is encrypted to maintain confidentiality of data, availability of multiple hard disks to back up and recovery so that if the death was too light trading data to copy.
Then, there are features hood sensors to lock cash box in which only controlled from the computer bios and even features a solenoid, a rope tied to the cash register counter, so to minimize the number of theft.
"If a thief wants to bring the cash register the HP rp5800, then the thief must also carry his desk, that excess solenoid," said Antonni. Unfortunately, the HP rp5800 is equipped with a scanner counterfeit money.
Durability problems, business retail store in desperate need of a cash register that resilient or robust in all fields, especially retail stores restaurants that sometimes puts the cash register next to the kitchen.
HP rp5800 worthy durability diacungin thumb because the cash register was able to survive in the HP temperature of 40 degrees centigrade. If you add the HP cooling system, the device was able to survive in temperatures 50 degrees Celsius.
Not only that, a cash register should be able to operate at any time since the trade as a retail store franchise during the 24 hours. The HP rp5800 is capable of operating for a week without stopping.
"Teller machines, generally operate only eight hours but HP rp5800 able to live up to 7 x 24 hours," he said.
Warranty issues, HP provides warranty for three years not only the primary but also accessories such devices. HP also introduced a system call, the customer only the HP Center
HP also provides training to the cashier for 30 days including the day of its opening.
HP rp5800 sells for $ 1,500, it's not just the main devices such as CPU, screen and keyboard but includes accessories such as the HP USB Barcode Scanner and HP Thermal Receipt Printer.
"The price of 1,500 dollars cheaper than the brand already includes other competitors who reach $ 2,500," said Mariana Kasim, category director of Personal Systems Group.
Danny said the market potential of the cash register or POS in Indonesia given the very large retail stores keep popping up in Indonesia and the high consumption levels of Indonesian society.