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Jul 31, 2011

Find a girl, the FBI Promises Great Gifts

Boston: U.S. federal investigators, the FBI, offered a reward of 25 thousand dollars for those who can provide precise information regarding the whereabouts of a little girl who becomes the target search. Celina Cass, 11-year-old girl went missing in mysterious, since 25 July.

As reported by Reuters on Saturday (30 / 7), the disappearance of Cass panicked residents living in the residence, Stewartstown, New Hampshire, USA. The reason, police said there were no signs of escaping or being kidnapped Cass. For this reason, the local police contacted the FBI to assist the search process Celina Cass.

Now, not only a vigorous team of FBI conduct a search of information about the existence of Cass. A team formed by residents in the neighborhood led Cass parents also find the whereabouts of the girl.