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Jul 21, 2011

Peek Security Issues in Bali ARF Meeting

BALI - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States (U.S.) Hillary Clinton began to be in Bali from today. Together with the foreign ministers of ASEAN as well as European and Asian diplomats, Clinton will discuss regional security issues currently of concern.
Some hot topics are expected to be rolled from 22 to 23 July in the meeting. One of the hot topic is the South China Sea issue and other issues that threaten regional security. So reported the Associated Press on Thursday (21/07/2011).
South China Sea
More than one ASEAN country is involved in this territorial conflict. Konlfik is further widened with China's involvement in the issue of territorial sea. South China Sea waters are known as very busy. While in it are believed to have abundant natural resources.
Earlier this month China is considered to have provoked the ship's oil exploration in the Philippines and Vietnam sea area also claimed by Taiwan, Brunei Darussalam, and Malaysia. Do not forget also the geo-strategic competition between China and the U.S.. Both countries insist on going right to freedom of navigation which means there is involvement of the military element.
U.S. itself continues attempted to strengthen cooperation with ASEAN countries. Superpower country continues to conduct military cooperation with ASEAN member countries including Indonesia.
Indonesia itself is not a claimant South China Sea region. But as chairman of ASEAN, Indonesia is obliged to provide the opportunity for its members, to use a container of ASEAN in solving territorial problems. Moreover the presence of China as a dialogue partner in ASEAN Regional Forum meeting (ARF) is.
While not a claimant countries, Indonesia along with the United States have maritime cooperation framework with Uncle Sam's country.
Western countries like U.S., Russia, and Australia is devoting more attention to Myanmar. As one of 10 members of ASEAN, Myanmar is considered the state most behind in the implementation of democracy in his country.
Critics see the current Myanmar is still underdeveloped in the human rights enforcement. One of the things that concern the U.S. and other countries are held elections last year. The election was considered to be an election mess, because the winner of the elections is the party which is a form of the former Government of Myanmar's military junta.
In addition, the desire to become Chairman of the Myanmar ASEAN in 2014 is also highlighted by a country like the U.S., Russia, and Australia. With a track record of enforcement of human rights is still considered below par, this could be the desire of Myanmar will get questions from the U.S., Russia, or Australia.
North Korea
Talks about efforts to stop North Korea's nuclear program has been stalled for over two years. With the presence of foreign ministers from member states of the Six Party Talk in Bali, of course, opportunities will open up new talks.
U.S., China, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea and Russia, is a member of the Six Party Talk in attendance in Bali. Earlier in 2008, North Korea out of the meeting to discuss the country's nuclear Kim Jong-Il is.
Although North Korea is ready to sit back shows together to discuss the issue, not just for the United States. According to the officials while the U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Heidi Bronke Fulton today, the U.S. dismissed the report will be the U.S. meeting with North Korea about the possibility of holding the Six Party Talk.
Thai-Cambodian border conflict
This is the issue of ASEAN's own regional areas. But not proven possible problems will be discussed in the ARF agenda. As we all know Thailand and Cambodia fighting over territory around Preah Viehar.
Earlier both sides insisted on the right has the area around the temple are older than 900 years. The peak was in April when 18 people from both sides were killed in the fighting at the border.
Despite the current tensions have diminished, still need a concrete solution for this conflict. Earlier, the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a mandate that the two countries withdraw their troops from the border region dipersengkatakan.
Indeed, there is still no longer the continuation of this negotiation process. Given Thailand has just completed elections and they have not formed a new government. But the optimism implied that these two countries will resolve their problems through peaceful means.
ASEAN Regional Forum was first held in 1994 ago. The meeting was attended by 27 countries including 10 ASEAN member countries. The majority of meeting participants is a strong competitor in the arena of world politics.
The amount of state attending the meeting, shows that ASEAN has been considered important in world politics.
Although it followed also a big country, it is fitting for this meeting did not leave issues of ASEAN region. ASEAN countries are supposed to host the meeting and pursue the discussion was not dominated by a large force that participated in this meeting.