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Jul 24, 2011

Confident U.S. Role Resolve Conflict ASEAN Regional Affairs

NUSA DUA - United States (U.S.), believes the leadership of Indonesia in ASEAN can play a vital role in helping resolve issues and conflicts in the region member countries.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Hillary Clinton said the various problems that occur in the ASEAN region which were related to human rights (human rights) and democracy as it happens in Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.
"Indonesia's leadership has a role in enhancing the improvement of human rights and democracy in ASEAN," said Clinton was accompanied by Foreign Minister M Marty Natalegawa during a press conference after the meeting "Joint Commission Meeting" both at Ayodya Resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, Sunday (24 / 7 / 2011).
Because of its position very stretegis that will be very effective for Indonesia to be able to share experiences with other member countries, in the case management model of democracy.
Similarly, Clinton hoped Indonesia could play a role in helping the South China Sea conflict involving China and some ASEAN countries.
Every place matters in ASEAN such as the South China Sea and Myanmar, the U.S. government has asked Indonesia to assist its completion. "Once again I emphasize the leadership of Indonesia could mengangani every problem in the ASEAN region," said Clinton in attendance in Bali to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Ke-18.
Specifically related to conflict in the South China Sea, said Clinton, it was entrusted to the ASEAN through the guide Code Of Conduct (COC) which has been generated is expected to help the solution of the conflict that has lasted for five years.
The U.S. view is important for the South China Sea conflict be resolved, given its presence is crucial and affect world trade. Even Hillary said approximately 50 percent of the traffic of world trade, will pass through the South China Sea.
It sure is not partial to any country which has claimed several areas of the region, otherwise entrust ASEAN to resolve them peacefully.
"We are concerned to conduct surveillance in the South China Sea," said Hillary suits that look elegant with a dark blue shirt and trousers that.
Americans continue to support what was adopted by ASEAN COC them as a guide in the set that must be mutually agreed upon as relevant trade, navigation, to the environment.
Only, Hillary did not mention explicitly a matter of arrangement in terms of exploration in the area that is known to have said to natural resources were abundant oil.