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Jul 22, 2011

Boy kidnapped, handcuffed Actors Penis

Dhaka: Bangladesh A man was sentenced unique because it had kidnapped and forced to marry 12-year-old girl. Penis 30-year-old man was tied up using a special handcuffs.

 As reported by Digital Spy, Friday (22 / 7), the village court was also decided to parading him naked in a state. A total of 200 people were commanded to mengwasainya walked back to his home village located 30 kilometers from the center of Dhaka City. In Bangladesh, village courts which run under the rules of my head; a village is entitled to impose penalties for crimes that occurred in his village.

 "Head of village council and decided to head paraded in handcuffs that bind specifically his penis. Bertugs At least 200 people to watch," said police inspector in Dhaka, Krishna Kar.