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Jun 23, 2011

Unrest in the Middle, This Couple Kissing

VANCOUVER - A photographer managed to capture a pair of lovers kissing in the middle of riots in Vancouver, Canada. From the picture was clear they were kissing inthe back of the police who were securing the site.

The photos were taken during a riot between supporters of the Vancouver Canuckshockey team defeated the Boston Bruins 4-0 in Stanley Cup event.

Richard Lam managed to capture the image the couple behind the rioters and the police. "The distance of approximately 20 to 30 yards from the police and rioters.Suddenly there is a pair of lovers on the streets empty. I think one of them wounded," said Lam, as quoted in The Guardian, Friday (17/06/2011).

According to Lam, the couple did not seem concerned with the unrest. He realizedthere was a few cars engulfed in flames.

"The situation is really chaotic. Perpetrators rioters burned cars. I even saw the rioterslooted," he continued.

"At that time, the riot police began moving toward me. After I stopped running, turnedon the sidelines of his meeting the cordon, there are two people who were lying in the street," said Lam.

At the moment there are interesting events Lam realized. "I am aware of have to take a moment. But when examined by my editor, was not injured but both are fun kissingright in the middle of the riots," said Lam.

Lam did not know who the couple. Even her until now still not sure what happened tothe couple, whether injured.

While violence between supporters of the team led 150 people were hospitalized.Semetara 100 others were arrested after.

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