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Jul 6, 2011

Comment Messi United, Arsenal and Real Madrid

SANTA FE - Heroes of Barcelona's Lionel Messi is the figure of an antagonist for the club not to mention any big teams like Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid.
United never felt manipulated Messi twice in Champions League final. In 2009, one goal completed a 2-0 victory Messi Barca at the time. Messi's tantrum was repeated when the two teams clash at Wembley in the same event. Gol Messi makes Rooney et al did not move increasingly under the domination of Barca and should be re-let the Champions League trophy into the hands of Barca.
Arsenal also failed two times in a row in the same round (16) when the clash with Barcelona in the Champions League. At the last meeting, Messi scored two goals against Arsene Wenger.
Quarter three of money, Real Madrid have to accept fate repeatedly beaten his Barca with Messi. Finally, the Argentine striker Santiago Bernabeu this makes silent with two goals in the Champions League semifinal first leg.
So what Messi impression about the three big clubs have ever faced that?
"I enjoy playing against United in the Champions League triumph last," said Messi was quoted as saying Tribalfootball on Wednesday (06/07/2011).
Manchester United, Messi said, have the players who are always trying to play football well. Each player has a different character, but in the hands of Sir Alex, all players have a vision of playing.
While Arsenal have the style and the idea of ​​playing like a football like Barcelona, ​​which is a game of foot to quickly and wonderful views. For Messi, Arsenal just need a little luck to be earned.
For Real Madrid players born June 24, 1987 Rosario is slightly underestimated. He thinks Real Madrid is not a flashy team. "But when your opponent off guard when they look scary," said Messi.
Beyond that, top scorers 2010/2011 Champions League this season to comment on the issue that he had clashed with coach Argentina at the 2010 World Cup, Diego Maradona. Issues it thinks are unfounded.
"I've never had a problem with Diego. There are a lot of news if we had some conflicts when he trains. But I assert that it is not true," he said.