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Jul 20, 2011

Internet in the Domestic Market Growing

Internet market in the country will continue to grow rapidly in line with economic growth from year to year increasing and improving incomes.
This shows the interest of the community of internet usage is very high especially in the use of games (game) on the internet, managing director of PT Megaxuss Eva Muliawati told reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday.
Eva Muliawati say, great interest in encouraging Internet users to the PT Megaxus Infotech launches a new product called Counter-Strike Online (CSO), as Indonesia have been regarded as having a network infrastructure or better.
Counter Strike Online is a game on the Internet by using a weapon, feelings and environment realistiik easy to understand the interaction could be played by all ages, he said.
Eva Muliawati adding new products that will be absorbed by the public, especially gamers who currently reach 6 million people.
"We are optimistic Counter Strike Online will interest the people of Indonesia are currently being fond of a variety of games on the internet," he said.
Asked why Indonesia was chosen, according to him, Indonesia's economy continued to grow after China and India is a market with huge potential for further cultivation.
Market is quite large and very high public interest in this thing that drives the company launched the product, he said.
Counter Strike Online, the further he was first launched in South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China and the United States and Indonesia.
The new product is also planned to be launched in the Philippines and other countries in this year also, he said.
Meanwhile Technikal Director PT Megaxus Infotech, Nelson Peng said the company will hold a competition in September, when interest in the player of Counter Strike Online is quite large.
"We will hold a competition for the user (users) Counter Strike Online in the next three months," he said.
Nelson Peng optimistic about the Internet users because they're warm, look for a new game with interesting features.
Counter Strike Online is already created and designed by Nexon of South Korea and Valve Corporation, he said.