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Oct 4, 2011

Look out! Cheating Can Cause Damage Mr P

It's a stern warning for those who frequent cheating and have intercourse with a girl other than your partner is legitimate.
A study published on 22 September in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, attest to the fact that very shocking for you and men. Not a question that is sure to hurt your partner will feel when you are having an affair, but the damage to Mr P, aka the penis that you can suffer.
"Sex outside marriage and sex that occurs in an abnormal condition can increase the risk of damage to your penis," says Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist from the University of Maryland Medical Center and one of the researchers.
"The risk of damage to your penis is the case especially because the situation is not conventional.
Men in this study are known to have suffered damage to their penis during sex with an unusual way as in the living room, den and mostly occur or be done by unmarried couples, aka an affair.
With a situation like this, sex will usually take place not used to that definite position changes. "All these factors allow the men do not care about the penis may appear when events are unpredictable and can result in damage to the penis," explains Kramer.
Fracture or damage to the penis is an unusual event that has occurred during an erection lasts.
Because the penis has no bones, damage usually occurs in the tearing of fibers or a layer called the tunica albuginea surrounding the penile tissue in the center of the Spong.
"Fracture" is usually followed by symptoms of bleeding, swelling may be up to the loss of erection.
Of the 16 cases of damage to the penis treated at the University of Maryland Hospital between 2004 to 2011, was the case of sex with this affair in the background of damage to the penis.
Most of the actors having sex in unusual places such as bathrooms, living room, cars and elevators.
Incidence of damage to the penis are uncommon. If anything, the patient will usually embarrassed to tell it. Therefore, Kramer reminded that sex as well as high-risk sports. "Be careful!" he said.