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Jul 20, 2011

Married, Gay Couple First drawn

New York: New York City, United States, cast same-sex couples are entitled to the bride were married on Sunday (24 / 7) future, the first day same-sex couples allowed to marry under new legislation. Lottery process that selects the 764 gay couples and heterosexual couples can marry on that day.

On 24 June, the state of New York became the largest U.S. states that allow same-sex marriage. There is now six states plus the district of Washington DC that allow gay marriage. In eight other states allowed gay couples to register their relationship status in a civil ceremony, not as a marriage, but their equal rights with married couples.

Sweepstakes registration of marriage in New York for the opening day Sunday afternoon New York time Tuesday or Wednesday (20 / 7) at midnight GMT. and closed at the same time on Thursday (21 / 7) of this. The lottery winners will be notified of a marriage license on Friday. "We will make history on Sunday, and the eyes of this country will once again be directed to the City of New York," Bloomberg said.

Since July 5 there are 2661 couples who register to marry on Sunday and 1728 pairs of them are same-sex couples, the government announced the City of New York. In the state of New York couples who want to get married usually have to wait 24 hours after the marriage licenses issued prior to the wedding ceremony.

But on this Sunday more than 60 judges volunteered to donate their time to marry the bride on that historic day, says the city government. Five civil registration office in New York City are usually closed on Sunday.