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Jul 19, 2011

Want to Testify, Rupert Murdoch thrown Pai

The Associated Press reported that a protester ran and threw a pie into the face of Rupert Murdoch's media world as an important person was testifying before the British parliament.

Rupert (80) then appears for the first time in front of parliament phone tapping scandal News of the World, was devastated by the incident that pie. James Murdoch, son, immediately shocked. While Wendi Deng, wife of Rupert, trying to jump in and protect her husband from other fly pie. Rupert was immediately cleaned up and re-testify.

For several hours in parliament, Rupert testified that he did not know about the illegal wiretapping conducted by the tabloid. However, Rupert apologized for those actions.

Because it intercepts the event, the News of the World has been closed since last weekend.

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