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Jul 31, 2011

IMF boss urges U.S. debts Solve Crisis

Washington DC: United States is required to immediately solve the problem of debt crisis in a timely manner to avoid the negative global impact. As stated by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

"I'm concerned," the IMF chief said that when asked about the U.S. debt negotiations and deadlock in an interview with CNN. United States is the most biggest economy in the world, and the issue of time limits that U.S. debt has a profound effect globally.

With the distance of time until August 2 tomorrow, U.S. policy makers are struggling to find a compromise plan on how to improve the nation's debt ceiling and spending cuts that country.

The U.S. federal government loan limits, currently at U.S. $ 14.29 billion, approved on 16 May. The U.S. Treasury Department also said his country would begin to default on its debt unless Congress agreed to cancel the restriction on 2 August