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Jul 20, 2011

Exhibition Held in British Hajj

British Museum, will be holding an exhibition on the tradition of pilgrimage to Mecca is the largest in the world.

Various manuscripts, diaries, photographs of historic and contemporary works of art of the pilgrimage will be on display to commemorate the pilgrimage season, which is done by Muslims worldwide every year.

British Museum director Neil MacGregor said the pilgrimage is a cultural phenomenon "that needs to be better understood."

He said that the exhibition titled Hajj: Journey To The Heart of Islam will be held from 26 January to 15 April 2012.

The exhibition will highlight the hajj pilgrimage, ritual and pilgrimage city of Mecca.

The exhibition will also feature the work of a number of contemporary artists such as Saudi Arabia and Shadia Alem Ahmed Mater.

MacGregor called the pilgrimage as "the greatest moment for Muslims" who are "shaping the thinking of Muslims around the world".

He added, "Many wonderful things, masterpieces of art has been created to be taken to Mecca with the pilgrims."

"We will watch the stuff and enjoy its beauty."