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Jul 18, 2011

Pro-Syrian militia kills 10 people in Homs

AMMAN - Syrian troops and militiamen loyal to the Syrian government killed 10 people in the District of Homs.

"As many as 10 people were killed, government forces and militias Shabbiha opened fire blindly on the road," said activist in Syria told Reuters on Tuesday (07/19/2011).

Violence has increased in Syria since the outbreak of anti-government demonstrations. Sectarian violence also occurred in this country, as many as 30 people died in clashes in the Homs between Allawi and Sunni sects.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and mailing Shabbiha launched a campaign to suppress the demonstrations in Syria. Violence in the country led to 1400 civilians were killed. In addition, as many as 12 thousand people were detained by security forces.

Syrian diplomatic pressure was experienced after the office closes kedutaanya Qatar in Damascus.

The EU will also consider providing more severe sanctions for Syria.

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