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Jun 24, 2011

Cell Phone Found Containing Confidential Courier Osama Al Qaeda

WASHINGTON - A cellular phone owned by a courier of Osama bin Laden who was killed in military operations the United States (U.S.) in Pakistan last May 2, discovered by U.S. authorities.
This mobile phone showing the contact information of a militant group that turned out to be assets of the Pakistani Intelligence Service. Contact the Harakat ul Mujahedeen group show, which is part of the network supporting Osama in Pakistan.
From the guide raises the question whether the group Harakat ul Mujahedeen militant group along with others, has provided protection to Osama bin Laden on orders of Pakistani Intelligence Service.
According to an analysis of the United States (U.S.) and local officials, found that Pakistan's intelligence Harakat and provide training to allow him to operate in Pakistan since 20 years ago.
After tracking the phone, the U.S. analysis determines that the Harakat's commander in contact with Pakistani intelligence. But according to the contact is not always talked about Osama and there is no clear evidence that Pakistani intelligence has been protecting Osama.
Besides being able to help find clues to why the leader of Al Qaeda terrorist network is able to live happy in Abbottabad, the invention also could help U.S. curiosity how Osama bin Laden to escape from the ambush of U.S. forces in Tora Bora, Afghanistan 10 years ago.
While the Harakat ul Mujahedeen months ago had dismissed the accusations they were protecting Osama bin Laden. Fazle ur Rahman Harakat leaders balked when the group associated with Osama when he was hiding in Abbottabad."The charges were 100 percent wrong. Osama is not in contact with anyone," Rahman said as quoted by The New York Times, Friday (06/24/2011).
It is unclear who the phone number in a cellular phone that successfully found it. But according to U.S. analyst who requested anonymity, the militants in South Waziristan was a member of Al Qaeda.