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Oct 17, 2011

Dad Rape in Saudi Arabia two daughters

A Saudi Arabian woman who was going to the hospital with her mother suddenly stunned. Base, the pain is often experienced in recent years around the abdomen is a sign that she is currently pregnant positive.

Shocked after hearing his daughter was pregnant, the mother immediately asked his daughter who is the father of the fetus that had contained it. Mother told me that listening to his daughter who has been to impregnate others but not his own father. The mother was shocked after hearing that that was his biological father impregnates itself.

When he heard the story, the mother was almost unconscious. Therefore, the mother is ashamed of depraved acts committed by a husband against his own child. Besides the father also raped her second child who was only 28 know, two years younger than his brother who was also raped his biological father.

Doctors in hospitals are located in the western city of Makkah, who examined the girl tries to continue to convince the girl and her mother that there is nothing wrong with his son. The pain is often experienced at this time the girl was because she was pregnant.

"In the couple's second daughter told me, which surprised me, that she had been raped by her biological father in the living room during the last five months ... he also said that his sister was raped by her biological father," he told the Arab daily Sabq Sunday (16/10).

After that incident the mother immediately reported her husband's barbaric acts to the police. And soon the local police can hold 56-year-old man.

"After the probe by local police the father was known as drug addicts and the police are now investigating the case and wait for DNA tests before making accusations against him."