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Jul 12, 2011

Child Soldiers Arrested & Tortured

Naypyidaw - A child soldiers who fled from Myanmar Armed Forces dirina feared being tortured when captured by the authorities.

Yay Chan a 15 year old from Rangoon was recruited by Myanmar troops in 2009 after he fled from his home for arguing with his father.

Both parents Yay believes his son is currently in military training camp at Sun after four months of leaving home. Similarly, as reported by DVB on Tuesday (07/12/2011)

In May, Chan Yay escape from the military and go home because he would be searched by police and returned to the military. The following month, Yay again escaped and hid in his house before he was arrested.

"My son was arrested by local authorities and the military on July 5, 23.00, they beat him and took him to the police station Tharyar Hlaing and after that he was taken to a military police office," said the mother Yay, Daw Sabae.

"When he was detained at the police station, he said he would commit suicide if returned to the military, I want my child to live freely, not as a military and I want to ask for help. I pray for his freedom and will urge the military not to treat children in this way , "he added.

Yay family is currently getting help from human rights activists to complain to the UN office in Rangoon.

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