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Sep 7, 2011

Can U.S. Expels Al-Qaeda

Washington - The international terrorist network Al Qaeda is still the biggest threat to western countries. Al-Qaeda organization is still the main topic of conversation at the White House. Various conclusions were following each other. The biggest questions that exist in the minds of all parties is whether the United States (U.S.) is able to membinasahkan international terrorist network that! (Al Qaeda)
Earlier, President (U.S.), Barack Obama has expressed its intention to launch stretegi action to destroy Al Qaeda terrorist network.
"The United States will strive to stop all forms of extremism and can be sure there will be no formation of deviant groups and ideologies. To achieve this goal, it takes extra effort from us all, good governance, community and private sector "such that the contents of the plan.
As reported by the LA Times, Wednesday (7 / 9), paralyzing terror network is the largest obesity (U.S.). It can also be misleading. Indeed the U.S. has carved out a satisfactory achievement in recent decades with the shooting death of Al-Qaeda network leaders. Death of the main leaders of this organization, Osama bin Laden is also noteworthy as the success of the U.S. made a big step in his plan. However, that's not nothing. The toughest times the U.S. was about to begin. Here are three reasons.
The first reason is strategic. Defeating Al Qaeda is not as easy as we hoped. After the tragedy of 9 / 11, Al-Qaeda has evolved into an organization that is more complex, more elusive and become more rooted. Al-Qaeda network has spread in many countries in the world, from Yemen to Somalia. Its members also grew by recruiting the help of the internet.
The second reason, talk about some of the defeats, the main points that should concern the U.S. is the sophistication of U.S. weapons. Terrorism is not new for the U.S.. However, the U.S. is not ready to face the fact that the terrorist network, now has a wider group, to acquire weapons of mass destruction.
Currently, there are enough nuclear material to make 120 thousand weapons. Chances of terrorist groups is very large, for much fissile material is stored and is not in use by the state "naughty. As North Korea and others.
The third reason, the FBI has not been quite able to handle terrorism cases. Analyst, who became the key to the success of each case, a second-class citizens who are labeled as support staff. Information technology is owned by the FBI was considered to be inappropriate for dimuseumkan. In fact, is now widespread practice of the FBI agents who are lazy to read the complete documents of the various cases that they have to deal with.
With so many limitations, many of the various parties to assess if the U.S. can not destroy the Al Qaeda organization.