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Jul 5, 2011

Building in South Korea Goyang Without Cause

SEOUL - Hundreds of residents poured out of a shopping center in Seoul, South Korea (ROK) today. They run after building the shopping center was shaken for no reason.

Residents ran from the building when the building shook for about 10 minutes. Technomart building with 39 floors is located in the District Gwangjin.

"The building was rocking hard. I felt dizzy and almost vomited," said one resident who witnessed Lee Ji-Soo as quoted by the Chosun Ilbo on Tuesday (05/07/2011).

Firefighters immediately sent six fire engines to the scene. Dozens of police were immediately on guard tight around the building. At the same time, workers and consumers from shopping centers straight out of the building.

Until now it is unclear what the cause of such high bergoyangnya building. An investigation into the safety of buildings are also still being conducted to find the cause. It was clear there were no reports of earthquakes around the South.

Accommodate the shopping center's stores menjuat electronic appliances, home furnishings and a bookstore. The building also features a shopping mall cinema as well as some office space.

Local authorities worried about the collapse of the shopping center Sampoong events repeats itself. Events that occurred in 1995 ago, reportedly killing more than 500 people.