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Jul 8, 2011

Wow, 10 Rio Ferdinand Dark Lover Revealed!

LONDON - Again, the news is not tasty burst of Manchester United. Is a veteran defender Rio Ferdinand who is now a source, in which 10 women who allegedly revealed her secret lover in the High Court of London, England.

Quite shocking news, after the revelation of infidelity cases the two pillars of the Red Devils, Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs. Now, turn Ferdinand scandal that spread to the public.

As quoted from The Sun on Friday (07/08/2011), Ferdinand filed suit over the newspaper that called him an affair with an interior designer. Instead of a defense, the England international defender just got a slap back.

The lawyers revealed 10 names of women who allegedly had illicit relations with Ferdinand. At least seven of them claim to a date when a man 32 years was in a story by Rebecca Ellison, who is now a wife and mother of three children.

Above allegations, Ferdinand demanded 50 thousand pounds of pollution due to his good name. But according to the defenders of the Sunday newspaper, Gavin Millar QC, damaged the image of stars who recently visited Indonesia, is none other than because of him alone.

"Disclosure of infidelity is justified in the public interest," said Millar in the trial at London's High Court on Thursday (07/07/2011) local time.

"Concern about the effect of the plaintiff is an article which affect the image, which painstakingly built. He has misled the public over the years, "he said.