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Jul 11, 2011

Hired as the Wine Dog Examiner

CANBERRA - A dog who has a keen sense of smell is now employed as wine testers.

Seven-year-old dog named Bella Louisa had been trained to identify wine even with just smell the bottle.

Bella Louisa sensitive nose can also sniff the cork bottle of beer that has been damaged. It is also beneficial to the owner, Michelle Edwards and Daniel Fischl who is a businessman Linnea labeled wine to be able to save their money.

"He just had to sniff the wine barrel to find wines that are still active," says Michelle. As quoted, Orange (07.11.2011).

They deliberately exploit the talents Louisa by train with several techniques that we know of.

"We also familiarize him around our vineyards," explained Michelle. "Most of the wineries rely on the human nose but the nose Belle is 2,000 times more sensitive," he explained.

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